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Relax in your favourite tipple at Brussels' new beer spas

06:35 31/03/2021

Belgium may have a Unesco-recognised beer culture, but until now, it hasn't had a beer spa, something that has long existed in other well-known brewing regions such as the Czech Republic or Germany.

But this is all about to change when not one, but two beer spas will open in Brussels once the current health restrictions allow. Good Beer Spa, near Madou Square, and Bath and Barley, a stone's throw from the Grand Place, promise to provide a relaxing atmosphere as soon as they are allowed to accept clients.

Bart De Brabanter and Louis Raes decided to set up their Bath and Barley project on their return from a trip to the Czech Republic. "The hops, yeast and barley used to brew beer all have a positive effect on the body,” they explain. “Active enzymes and beer yeast make your skin and hair soft and supple, while hops are full of antioxidants and cleanse your pores, and the heat of the bath (about 38C) provides a relaxing effect."

During this brewing balneotherapy - the method of treating ailments through bathing, explanations are provided on Belgian beers, as well as the barley and yeast that are added to the bath. The customer can choose the hops for their scrub and if they get thirsty, they can also poor a cold lager from a faucet located next to the bath.

The process is similar at the Good Beer Spa. "Hops and beer are full of nourishing substances and vitamins,” says Benedict Biebuyck, head of the Good Beer Spa. “More than 2000 years ago, Egyptians and Romans already used beer in their cosmetics and appreciated its relaxing and aromatic properties. Beer spas have a long history in the Balkans and are gaining in popularity elsewhere."

At the Good Beer Spa premises on Rue Scailquin, guests will be able to immerse themselves in a wooden hot tub, filled with a mixture of water, hops, yeast and lager. This same blonde beer, made "for good living and lovers of relaxation," can also be enjoyed in a cold glass while luxirating in a bath full of it.

Written by Nick Amies



Don't be so sensitive Dan. While I understand where you are coming from, this is an English publication. Among the expat population, there is a much higher percentage of French speakers - sorry but that is a fact. Placing the French and Dutch versions everywhere would be super complicated and make it harder to understand - Mons/Bergen, Luik/Liege, STIB/MVIB, Chaussée de Malines/Mechelsesteenweg.
Take comfort in the fact that the Flemish are very friendly, successful in business, that 99% of Flemish speak almost perfect English, along with usually a couple of other languages. We expats are rather simple in comparison.

Apr 2, 2021 11:17