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Public refrigerator opens in Schaerbeek

11:51 24/12/2014

Brussels non-profit organisation Corvia on Tuesday unveiled its latest initiative in the fight against poverty in the capital: a refrigerator open to the public. Anyone who wants to can deposit or take food from the fridge, located at 444 Boulevard Lambermont in Schaerbeek.

A similar initiative took place in Ghent last month, when local Stef Mintjen placed a fridge on the street stocked with soup and cake, and placed a sign on it for passers-by to help themselves. The initiative took an unexpected turn, however, when one passer-by walked away with the entire fridge.

"The timing of this initiative is not an accident," said Mathilde Pilchards and Aline Duportail of Corvia. "The holidays are the time of year when the most food is wasted… Now everyone can put their perfectly edible leftovers in the open refrigerator for someone else to enjoy."

The public fridge comes with a few strict rules: alcoholic beverages, open bottles and rotten food are prohibited, and prepared foods must be labelled with the contents and date made. A Corvia representative will check the contents of the fridge daily.

Written by Robyn Boyle



Great, now I can buy more cigarettes and eat for free.

Dec 25, 2014 13:15