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Poverty on the decline in Belgium, but youth still at risk

22:42 23/03/2015

In 2012 in Belgium, 16.7% of people under the age of 18 were living in families with an income level below the poverty line. In total, 15% of the Belgian population is living in poverty, reports De Standaard based on figures from the FPS social security.

The poverty line in Belgium for a family of two adults and two children is a net income of €2,256 per month. The report shows that more and more young people are at risk of falling below this line.

For young people over the age of 18, however, the risk has decreased considerably since 2012, thanks to child allowance and other tax benefits, from 27% to 15% percent. The effect of these measures is greatest in the number of single-parent families living in poverty, which also decreased in the same period, from 60% to the current 40%.

Written by Robyn Boyle



Double the price of cigarettes, cable TV and flat screen TV sets and you would probably double the level of "poverty" in Belgium.

Mar 24, 2015 11:48

Well said! Change the labor laws so people can hired and fired. Allow 18 year olds to work more than a month. Limit the allocation familiale to those at or under the poverty level and you will see those in poverty not having "famille nombreuse".

Mar 24, 2015 13:39