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Police accused of beating man on hospital trolley

10:12 10/07/2014

Three police officers have been suspended from duty accused of assaulting a man who was handcuffed and lying on a trolley in the Saint-Pierre hospital in central Brussels (photo). The actions of the three men, two from the Brussels-Ixelles zone and one from a federal police department, were allegedly caught on tape by security cameras.

The Brussels prosecutor's office confirmed it is investigating the incident, but declined to give additional details. According to reports, the incident was brought to light by hospital administrators after seeing the recorded images, in which the officers can be seen hitting the man several times.

This is the latest incident of serious assaults by police in Brussels. In March two officers working at Midi station were arrested and charged with assaulting a homeless man and stealing his phone, soon after nine of their colleagues were sentenced to up to 40 months for assaults on homeless people in the station.

Photo: Hospichild

Written by Alan Hope