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Osteopath needed in Ixelles or around - recommendations?


Hi there, can anyone recommend a very good English-speaking osteopath in Ixelles or around? (Etterbeck would also be okay). It's for back pain caused by muscle spasms / knots so perhaps a physiotherapist would also be appropriate. I have only used osteopaths in the past. What is the typical rate? I have seen one that charges €100 for one hour, which seems like a lot. Thanks in advance. Paula Dear


I recommend Gaëtan Timmermans.

He's osteopath and physiotherapist (kine) and speaks english, dutch and french. + 32 477 56 07 87.

He's really excellent!

He works in the health care medical center in Kraainem (Brussels): Avenue de Wezembeek 106, 1950 Kraainem (Brussels).

Jul 24, 2016 18:13

I would not recommend Tom Bailey
He did not help me at all and rather came across as very profit oriented

Feb 2, 2020 22:41