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One in two tattoo parlours fails hygiene test

11:20 27/09/2013

One in two tattoo parlours in Belgium is in breach of hygiene regulations, it appears from reply by health minister Laurette Onkelinx to a written parliamentary question, La Dernière Heure reports today. "50% [of tattoo or piercing parlours] have received a warning" the minister said. In March this year, the federal public service for health noted that 40% of 138 tattoo parlours inspected in 2012 had received a warning for hygiene issues. Most warnings are related to the equipment used and urge owners to better manage their stock of needles and inks. The minister plans to strengthen inspections. "The team of 23 controllers and two inspectors were able to conduct 200 routine checks. At this rate, it is fair to say that each institution will be inspected once every three years," according to Onkelinx. Severe breaches are reported to federal health inspectors for close monitoring - or immediate closure if necessary, the minister said. There are nearly 700 parlours in Belgium.

Written by The Bulletin