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Government healthy eating recommendations: More fruit, veg & wholegrains!

Health eating Nutri-Score
16:28 18/12/2019

It may not be the reminder that everyone wants to hear on the eve of a period of feasting, but Belgium’s health department has issued its latest report on healthy eating.

Aimed at encouraging the population to adopt a healthier diet, it includes 12 rules - and five priorities  - reinforcing the link between diet, good health and long life, reports consumer magazine Test achats/Test aankoop.

The public is advised to consume daily at least 125g of wholegrains, 250g of fruit, 300g of vegetables and 15-25g of nuts or grains (without a sugar or salt coating). At least once a week, meat should be replaced by vegetables and as a general rule, favour low-salt food.

Test achats/Test aankoop has also re-analysed Belgium’s Nutri-Score nutritional labelling system. Launched in Belgium in April 2019, it ranks foods from -15 for the healthiest products to +40 for the least healthy and is applied on a voluntary basis. Each product receives a letter with a corresponding colour code, from dark green (A) to dark red (F).

The consumer association initially analysed the Nutri-Score of 700 products and breakfast products in 2018. Its latest results showed that many items reported a higher score. “The proof that Nutri-Score also has the benefit of encouraging manufacturers to improve their recipes and make their efforts more visible,’ it said.

Photo: Alex Raths/Getty Images

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Remove television adverts advertising junk food and replace them with healthy food adverts. - Have short cartoons with people eating healthy foods. Get the politicians, famous people to join in. Ask football teams and cycling teams to join in to promote healthy eating.

Dec 19, 2019 15:13