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Bright pink Catmobile tours Flanders with a message

21:21 28/07/2018

Animal rights organisation Gaia is taking its shocking pink catmobile around Flanders this summer to raise awareness about cat sterilisation, and to remind people that such operations are now mandatory in Flanders.

"There is still a great deal of uncertainty among citizens about the new regulations, and about cat sterilisation in general," said Gaia president Michel Vandenbosch, launching the summer tour on Antwerp's Groenplaats. "There are people who think that young cats should have at least one litter, or that house cats will die out under the new law. Of course that is nonsense."

Meanwhile sterilisation has considerable benefits, reducing the risk of cats developing certain cancers, and cutting the number of strays. "Every year more than 10,000 cats are euthanised in Belgian shelters because they cannot be found homes," Vandenbosch said.

The catmobile is also carrying a petition arguing for VAT on the sterilisation procedure to be reduced from the present 21% to 6%, as a further incentive for people to meet their obligations. Castrating a male cat costs around €60 at the vet, while sterilising a female can cost around €120.

Photo courtesy Gaia

Written by Ian Mundell (Flanders Today)