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Wallonia approves rollout of 'smart' electricity meters

05:48 19/07/2018

The Walloon parliament has approved a draft law to begin introducing "smart" electricity meters in homes from 2023.

The internet-connected devices automatically transmit details of a household's energy use to the provider, with simplified billing and no need for a manual meter reading.

Smart meters would be deployed for any household requesting one and would be automatically put in place when a meter needs replacing or when a customer falls behind with their payments.

The measure aims to have 80% of Wallonia's heaviest electricity users - those consuming more than 6,000kWh per year - switch to smart meters by 2030.

The region's energy minister, Jean-Luc Crucke, said: "This is a sensitive issue that has been dragging on for the last 10 years. Society is changing and we must prepare for the future, not live in the past."

Written by The Bulletin