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One in three workers could telecommute but aren’t allowed

16:04 13/03/2018

According to a survey carried out by the federal mobility department, one in three workers who could work at home at least one day a week are not allowed to. The survey was carried out among 2,000 commuters across Belgium.

One-third of respondents who work five days a week at the office said that it would be perfectly possible to do their jobs from home one day a week, but that their management would not allow it. A large number of people could then “easily telecommute with a bit of adjustment and a different management mentality,” according to SPF Mobilité.

That would, according to the agency, increase the numbers teleworking at least one day a week from 17% of the workforce to 42%. And that would have a huge impact on traffic.

Discounting those who use public transport, telecommuting currently saves nine million kilometres travelled by car a week, or 7% of all rush hour traffic, SPF said. If those one in three could telecommute, the figure would jump to 23 million kilometres a week, or 16.5% of rush hour traffic.

Photo: Ingimage

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



Poor translation imo. The article I read in the Le Soir says they would like to but aren't allowed.
Un travailleur sur 3 aimerait faire du télétravail mais n’en a pas la permission

Mar 13, 2018 16:29

From experience, working from home needs some discipline. Some people get side tarcked by all the things that need to get done in the house, so are not able to concentrate. Some have poor seating and cause other physical probelms. And others, find that once they start to work from home, working at home, becomes more frequent in other free time and at the weekend. So long as people know they are the right type to tele work - it is beneficial as many, many people get more done in isolation. Companies need a policy, a focus on productivity and a backbone to trust people.

Mar 14, 2018 07:22