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No compensation for dissatisfied Battle of Waterloo spectators

21:41 29/06/2015

More than 120,000 spectators gathered earlier this month to commemorate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo, but not all were pleased with the re-enactment event. Belgian consumer association Test-Achats received hundreds of complaints from spectators, citing "unacceptable conditions" during the battle reconstruction. However, the organisers have decided not to grant the spectators’ requests for compensation.

According to Test-Achats, spectators reported several problems: "Some seating, even the more expensive seats, offered only a limited view of the battlefield, or none at all. Several spectators were obliged to take their children into their lap, despite having paid full price for a seat for them,” recounts Test-Achats. "In addition, the traffic and parking situation was found to be poorly set up. In short, it was very poorly organised.”

Test-Achats sided with the spectators, saying they are "fully within their rights to demand compensation." Etienne Claude, president of the non-profit organisation Waterloo 1815-2015, and Patrick Parmentier, managing director of organisers VO-Event, reacted negatively to the press release from Test-Achats. While Parmentier acknowledges that some errors were made, such as the incorrect numbering of the stands, he points out that all spectators found a suitable solution in the end. There will be no compensation provided, according to the organisers.


Written by Robyn Boyle



'Course it was poorly organised. This is Belgium remember. Money back? You must be joking. They's probably offer a "bon" for the next re-enactment in 2115.

Jun 30, 2015 12:22

@Speakeasy -- There isn't an earthly reason why that stupid battle should be 're-enacted' in the first place. But let those who were so obviously dissatisfied bring the UKIP to better witness the event a next time (all of them on a free 'bon').

Jun 30, 2015 13:47