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New smartphone car sharing service Uber comes to Brussels

10:04 27/02/2014

Catching a lift to work or home from the bar just got a lot easier for those living in Brussels as the car sharing service Uber has finally arrived. Already popular in other countries, the American-based service connects passengers to drivers through the use of a smartphone app. The service, which began in the home of the world’s high-tech industry, San Francisco, allows those in need of a car to simply request a driver through the app or text message. The app then allows the potential passenger to track the reserved car’s location and arrival time.

Launched this past Tuesday, Brussels is the first city in the world to receive the service exclusively for individual Uber users to find carpooling opportunities. For as little as 4 euros, passengers can seek other individuals looking for a ride and a driver. Elsewhere, the Uber app allows users to seek out professional drivers, a service not yet available in Brussels.

Unlike common taxis, the Uber American service began with drivers of high-end cars, such as Escalades, Mercedes, BMWs and Lincoln Town Cars. However, the company has now opened up the service to include a wider range of options appealing to broader tastes and price ranges. 

Written by Andrew King