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Living in Overijse


We are considering buying property in Overijse. However we have been worrying about traffic (going to Zaventem in the morning and coming back in the late afternoon). Any one living in Overijse that could tell us how it looks from practical point of view? Would you look for other place to live?
Thanks in advance.


Expect your trip to work to take 2 hours at least once a month.

Jan 24, 2015 15:19

It's not practical, end of. Unless you can travel out of the ever increasing rush hour you will spend a huge amount of time in the car.

Jan 24, 2015 15:51

Zaventem? Nossegem? WO? SSW?

Jan 24, 2015 19:56

Apologies for being a little blunt in my previous answer. What I mean is that it is becoming increasingly advisable to either live as close as possible to where you work or to reliable public transport, like a train station if work is within walking distance from one. I don't know where in Zaventem you plan to work so I can't advise more. Zaventem has the train station at the Airport and there is also one at Diegem.

Jan 25, 2015 11:08

Hi Nethenbob, no appologies needed. Right now we live (renting) in SSW, but planning on buying something bit further. We were considering also property in Everberg, but its a bit too close to the highway. And I am afraid the future re-sale value could be affected. We would also want to consider renting the house out in case we need to move somewhere else, and then I think Overijse would easier than lets say Everberg. Ideally Tervuren would be the place, but hard to find the right property (size to price ration).
I work in the corporate village in Zaventem, so commuting from SSW is indeed ideal and currently takes 5 min.

Jan 25, 2015 13:36

I live in wonderful Overijse. I like it. I like the schools, and I like the people. Nevertheless, I work in Zaventem as does my husband. I tend to try to be at work earlier (pre-7:30) and leave at 4 when possible, then traffic is about 20 to 30 minutes one way. On the way to work, I take backroads through to Tervuren. It you leave at 5, than expect longer.

Jan 25, 2015 15:17

My wife often drives to Zaventem from our village to work and knows the back roads too . Even so, she tries to restrict driving there and back to between 10 and 4.

If you can work 7 - 3 then it'll usually be fine.

BTW, the 830 bus goes from Overijse to Zaventem via Tervuren.

Jan 26, 2015 16:54

I work close to NATO and live in Overijse. I have children so I leave home at rush hour +/- 7.50 am and leave the office at rush-hour too +/- 5 pm. Normally it takes 25 minutes in the morning which is quite good (exceptionally, it has taken 1 hour) BUT in the evenings it never takes less than 40 minutes and usually is around 50 - 60 minutes. It's a lovely area to live with young kids but for teenagers is not that fun...

Jan 27, 2015 16:54

Spinbru, could you share why it is not fun for teenagers in Overijse? What are the disadvantages? We are about to buy a house and I am interested in any info about the life there. Thanks a lot.

Jan 31, 2015 19:51

Hi Mik123,
If your children have a driving licence and a car available there is no problem, but until then be ready to be a driver: Overijse has no cinema, neither a shopping are (mall). I spent a lot of time driving my daughter to the city to go out with her friends, most of the time she spends the night in a friend's house but that is not a longterm solution.
Schools are dutch speaking only.
Good things about Overijse:
A very international community with beautiful green areas, quiet, nice swimingpool and several sports clubs (Tennis, hockey...)
The train station is Hoeilaart not far from Overijse is very convenient if you work in Brussels centrum.
I hope this helps.

Feb 2, 2015 11:49