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Insects approved for consumption in Belgium

09:10 04/06/2014

The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) confirmed that insects may be used for human consumption. From now on, ten different types of insects can be eaten in Belgium, but there are a host of strict regulations around the cultivation and sale of insects for consumption.

There is also a great social barrier to overcome, because many people are not used to the idea of eating insects. However, they are a good source of protein, minerals, fiber and vitamins and much cheaper than meats such as chicken or beef.

The FASFC approved the following insects for consumption in Belgium: house cricket, African migratory locust, superworm beetle/giant mealworm beetle/king mealworm, mealworm, lesser mealworm, greater wax moth/honeycomb moth, American desert locust, banded cricket, lesser wax moth and silk moth.

Written by Robyn Boyle



The UN’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) says Western societies should get over their disgust of (eating) bugs and join in? The FAO can say whatever it likes, the ‘principle’ is utterly revolting. – Maybe the UN could encourage mankind to keep its numbers down a bit , so bugs need not be resorted to for ‘world hunger’! Furthermore: insects have their uses in nature; breeding them in vast numbers may result in ecological disaster once the caged bugs manage to escape (It happened before, with a number of consequences...). Up spirits, little bugs! Don't give up!

Jun 4, 2014 14:17