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Importing vehicle from UK to BE


I would like to import a VW Campervan from UK to Belgium.

I'd like to havebit here for a few years to go on adventures before eventually bringing it back to Ireland.

As i dont live in the uk or have ever owned that vehicle in the uk, it will be subject to import vat/ taxes etc.

Can someone tell me what these costs will be?


> Did you already own the vehicle in the UK?

> I wouldn't have own this camper, so I'm assuming I'd be hit with Vat, Tax or what not?
Unless I'm proven wrong, it's the vehicle itself that determines VAT. If it's under a certain age or mileage, you pay VAT.
Buying and importing 2nd hand cars from Germany is a popular option. People wouldn't do it if it wasn't financially viable..

Feb 2, 2019 22:26