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Importing vehicle from UK to BE


I would like to import a VW Campervan from UK to Belgium.

I'd like to havebit here for a few years to go on adventures before eventually bringing it back to Ireland.

As i dont live in the uk or have ever owned that vehicle in the uk, it will be subject to import vat/ taxes etc.

Can someone tell me what these costs will be?


right hand drive...? i wouldn't, too dangerous

Feb 1, 2019 14:54

I gather it's not new...

You need to insure it. Go and talk to an insurance broker. They will explain what steps you need to go through to insure, import and register it.

Feb 1, 2019 16:15

You will find it surprisingly costly. Not just taxes but things like having to get a certificate of conformity (and if it was converted to be a m/caravan that may prove near impossible) and changing the headlights.
You would be well advised to look for something similar that is already immatriculated in Belgium.

Feb 1, 2019 16:36

Unless you know what you're doing (which apparently you don't) you'd be far better advised to buy one that is already registered here (because then you know that it has already at some point passed a controle technique, and has all the necessary paperwork and taxes paid), then all you need to do is reregister it. It will be far, far easier.!/voiture...

Feb 1, 2019 17:27

I personally found it quite straight forward. I just needed to get the headlamps changed and some papers sorted out. It wasn't excessively expensive. You may even find that an older van qualifies as an "old-timer"

Feb 1, 2019 18:10

Don’t forget all the new eco laws especially if diesel.

Feb 2, 2019 01:04


Can i ask did you have to pay tax or vat here in Belgium for importing it?

Thanks to all others for their input. Much appreciated.

Feb 2, 2019 08:24

I had to pay annual road tax, first registration tax, special Controle Technique and get the headlights replaced. I think that was all.
My insurance broker was familiar with the procedure and told me what to do.

Feb 2, 2019 10:16


One more question if you'd be so kind.

Did you already own the vehicle in the UK?

The reason i ask is i believe you don't pay import duty/ taxes if you do.

I wouldn't have own this camper, so I'm assuming I'd be hit with Vat, Tax or what not?


Feb 2, 2019 11:26

You will potentially be hit for taxes and duty if you hadn't owned the vehicle in the UK for at least six months before importing it to Belgium. And expect the Douanes to be very suspicious, it isn't logical to import a secondhand vehicle like this so they will assume that you are up to no good.

Feb 2, 2019 13:39