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Hybrid cats now banned in Brussels

20:42 16/04/2019

Keeping and breeding hybrid cats in Brussels will be illegal from now on, thanks to a decree approved by Brussels government. 

According to Brussels secretary of state for animal welfare, Bianca Debaets, these animals are not suitable for a domestic setting since they have been cross-bred with wild cats. Hybrid cats have many behavioural and health risks because of this. 

There are 17 types of cats that fall under this classification. Some of the most common are Bengal and Savannah cats, which are often very aggressive during mating. 

Other cats, such as Scottish Fold and Highland Fold cats, have been genetically manipulated in a way that causes cartilage and skeletal deformations, which leaves them in constant pain and can often lead to arthritis. 

Although these cats have been banned, people who already own hybrid cats will be allowed to keep them until their deaths, provided that they are sterilised. 

Hybrid cats from the fifth generation on will not be affected by this rule. 

Written by Sophia Moll



Animal Welfare in Brussels and Belgium seem to feel that the easiest way for them to do their "job" is to make sure animals (cats) are no longer allowed to reproduce, All (non-breed) female cats must be sterilised, now a list of breeds is going to be banned. So anyone who would like the best cat of all, the wonderful ordinary house cat, will have to try to find a kitten in another country. Non-breed kittens are becoming extinct in Belgium, thanks to Animal Welfare.
Is there a reason that there is no ban on aggressive dog breeds just a ban on cat breeds that are "aggressive" during mating??

Apr 17, 2019 11:23

There are bans on dangerous dog breeds,like pitbull terriers, but as is the case here, it's by the commune rather than the whole country.

Apr 18, 2019 10:28