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How to apply to Belgian University from UK address, UK passport.


My daughter (bilingual Fre/Eng) wishes to apply for a business/management undergraduate course in Belgium. How does she do this?
Separate applications to several unis? When are applications usually made? Interview required? She will have 3 A levels eg Maths, Economics, Sociology.


As far as I understand there isn't a general clearing here like in the UK so I believe that she would need to apply to each university individually. Deadline will vary but info should be on their websites and often in English as well as French. Possibly sooner than in the UK my son couldn't get onto a course here last year after his master was cancelled in the UK because he missed the deadline. If she is at school or college worth asking if they have any info and also lots of website out there with this kind of information on.. From what I understand interviews aren't common but could be wrong. Be aware university here is easier to get into initially but very pass exam to continue oriented Good luck

Nov 9, 2016 19:35
Mark L-W

Apply directly to the University, such as the ULB (

Nov 9, 2016 19:52

Find a course, turn up, sign up by the end of the month, pay fees.

3 A levels will be fine. The "triage" happens through exams here. 1st year failure rates are high.

You should check out exactly what you need to do with the individual university of you choice.

Nov 9, 2016 20:42

Thanks for the info.
What would be failure rate after a year eg 30% perhaps

Nov 10, 2016 07:51

Hi I don't know drop out rate I think it varies, depending on the course but also from what I hear it's much more like an old fashioned lecture system on some places than in many modern British universities with large classes for people but Belgian are very used to having to pass exams to stay in school and I do know some people do resist whole years but it limited amount of time they can do it. I think it pretty much depends on your daughters self determination to study hard like all places. You will be glad to hear that the getting paralytic drunk like in the UK is standards here in the young not saying they don't drink but not like in the UK

Nov 10, 2016 08:39

Resit stupid auto correct sorry

Nov 10, 2016 08:43

@CC_R, "You will be glad to hear that the getting paralytic drunk like in the UK"

You should try not to stereotype too much.

Drinking rates amongst young people in the UK, particularly university students, are falling. On the other hand, two seperate neighbours here in Belgium have university student children with serious drink driving convictions (one a fine of nearly €1,500, the other a suspended custodial sentence). Try hanging around the cimitiere d'ixelles area in Brussels, or somewhere like louvain la neuve on a Thursday night and you'll see your impressions of Belgian youth are totally wrong.

Nov 10, 2016 09:45

I live a few 100 metres from one of the Brussels universities and it's quite rare for me to see students paralytic like in the UK where it is hard to avoid near any UK university. I've lived here 5 years and their partying has got out of hand maybe 5 times, you could expect 5 times a month in the UK!

I'd say that the students here have more tendency to buy their alcohol in a supermarket and drink in their kots or at weekends back home with friends.

The UK drinking culture is one of the negatives and reasons I'll not be encouraging any more of my children to study in the UK, it would have to be something significantly better there course wise for me to encourage it. The cost difference is the other factor

Nov 10, 2016 10:03

For the drinking, just wait till Saint-Verhaegen. The last death was, I think 2011, but to see drunk students pan handling for drinks money in and amongst the traffic in rush hour in Brussels is a bit of a nightmare.

Nov 10, 2016 12:00

> What would be failure rate after a year eg 30% perhaps
No - higher. Depends on the course, but the one I'm thinking of is close to 40% 1st time pass rate.

Nov 10, 2016 13:03