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Greenpeace paints giant sun on Schuman

12:19 09/10/2017

The local chapter of international environmental organisation Greenpeace took to Brussels’ Rond-point Schuman in the wee hours of Monday morning, completely covering it and surrounding streets in yellow paint.

The paint represented the sun, part of a sustainable energy campaign. Member of the organisation then greeted commuters with a giant banner asking the EU to prioritise the switch from fossil fuels to renewable forms of energy.

“There is enormous potential in Europe for renewable energies,” Joeri Thijs of Greenpeace Belgium told VRT. “Citizens, co-operatives and businesses are jumping at the chance to join the energy revolution, producing power through the use of wind, water and the sun. So it’s high time that the EU pries our energy systems out of the hands of a few big players that continue to invest in dirty energy like coal and give control to the people.”

Although the paint was biodegradable and would wash away in the rain, it was causing so many traffic problems that Greenpeace agreed to remove it this morning.

Photo courtesy Greenpeace/Twitter

Written by Lisa Bradshaw


Marc Slonik

What is the base of the paint used by Greenpeace? Is it fully biodegradable?

Oct 9, 2017 16:10