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getting 5-10 banana cartons full of clothes to N England


Hello, is anyone heading from Central Brussels to the NE of England in the next 3-4 weeks who has space for some banana cartons filled with clothes for our daughter at Uni there? I guess each one weights 5-6 kg ... anytime before December 6th is ideal...and what can we offer you for this? We can deliver to you also within 50km of BXL B1000.


I agree mike it's expensive but if you have a less stressful journey it can be well worth it and low season you can get cheaper deals I imagine

Nov 3, 2016 00:32

Thanks one and all. No more "answers" please... I took one parcel to the bPost - 21kg to UK was 99.22 Eur - why do you think I asked the question in the first case :)

Nov 3, 2016 10:01