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The future starts in Brussels with a new pathway to further education

09:20 27/10/2021
BEPS International School partners with VIE Academy for IB Career-related Programme

The world of education is shifting. Globally, we see many international schools implementing innovative projects to address the changes we observe in the world and to meet the needs of the younger generations. 

Closer to home, since 2015 the federation Wallonie Bruxelles has been shaping and are now implementing their ‘Pacte d’ Excellence’. This is a long-term process of reviewing the curriculum content and learning organisation to sharpen and modernise practices in schools, aiming to reinforce the quality and the relevance of education.

Top universities are starting to review the criteria on which students are selected, as well as the selection process itself. They are also developing new and more relevant multidisciplinary programmes that acknowledge that the graduate will not have a singular career path and ensure that they will be prepared for multiple possibilities.

A lab in BEPS International School

With the development of the new secondary school, BEPS International School intends to ‘show the way’ by opening a new pathway to further education. Offering a purpose-built campus where learning spaces mirror the co-working  spaces is a step forward – but it is not enough.

Central to our vision is that it’s not just the way we do things, but the way we think about education which matters. To answer the question “what is school for?”, we should look towards the needs of our learners and the community, giving them the skills they need not just to thrive but to be changemakers in exciting but yet to be written futures.

A new pathway for secondary graduates

Many people know the IB Diploma Programme (IBDP), which will be an important part of our secondary school. However, we will also offer a new pathway to further education.

Few outside the educational sector know about the most recent addition to IB’s programme offering – the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP). This alternative route to higher education focuses much more on the application of conceptual understandings of a specific career pathway, but has been founded with the same academic rigour as the IBDP.

In the garden of BEPS International School

We believe that the IBCP is a perfect vehicle for the individualisation of learning. Learners develop personal and professional skills alongside their academic and career-focused studies. They explore ethical implications facing industries and develop linguistic competence in at least one other language.

But more than that, the IBCP at BEPS takes a contemporary approach to  its delivery – using a mixture of blended, face-to-face and online learning. By involving industry experts and the inclusion of self-directed university-level research, we ensure authenticity and rigour at every step.

Partnership with VIE Academy

To deliver this exciting programme, BEPS is thrilled to launch a unique partnership with VIE Academy . VIE’s core values ‘Learn the career you love, Thrive in an uncertain world’ and ‘Drive the changes you want to see’ align with ours. Students will choose from career-related studies, which in our first year include Business Hospitality and Luxury Brand, Junior MBA or Creative Media Technology.

With the impact of disruption and the acceleration of change, we cannot make our children ‘Future Ready,’ but we are here to help them ‘Create Their Futures’ and shape the world in which they will live. At BEPS we are ‘Learning, Listening, Living, Shaping our Futures Together’.

For more information about this new programme, visit our website or contact We are happy to share how we engage our students in meaningful learning experiences. 

Andrew Mitchell, Head of IB Programmes, BEPS International School
Pascale Hertay, Director, BEPS International School