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Free parking for during the day as close to the centre as possible?


I live in the centre of Brussels (Debrouckere) and am going to buy a car. As i'll only use the car at weekends i need somewhere to park it during the week. Ideally somewhere relatively safe and free, as i don't want to pay for something i'm not using.

Can anyone please tell me of any free parking streets in Brussels or on the outskirts?

Thanks in advance


Use Google to find parking maps and car Parking costs in each commune.

Aug 15, 2017 01:14

Have you considered Cambio at all? If you only need a car at weekends it may well prove to be the most cost-effective option. And no worries about the parking. They have a station very close to de Brouckère.

Aug 15, 2017 08:06

Rent/buy a garage

Aug 15, 2017 09:57

The easiest would be to get a residence parking permit from the commune and then park the car somewhere close to where you live. Just remember where you put it ;-)

Aug 15, 2017 10:01
Christs Chin

Thanks for the responses but for various reasons they're all unsuitable.

If anyone can tell me of any free parking streets in Brussels or on the outskirts it'd be very much appreciated. None of the responses actually answer this question.

Aug 15, 2017 12:25

Free street parking that is safe and without a resident's card in Brussels?

Does not exist.

Even if you parked in a non-controlled residential street (like mine), you'd get these "no parking" things going up 2 to 5 times a year and your car would get towed.

Aug 15, 2017 12:53

I would agree with J on this

Having had a miserable experience parking on the streets here, with the car being towed several times, I finally was able to find piece of mind after renting a garage. You can easily find a garage in Brussels if you search on Immoweb. Prepare though to pay around 100 EUR per month

Aug 15, 2017 13:04

Loads of free street parking once you get south of ULB on the 94 tram. If I'm going to town and not in a rush, I often park somewhere around Marie Jose and get the tram up to Louise.

Aug 15, 2017 13:46

Park under the Hermann Debroux flyover. It's free.
Another free parking lot is at Delta metro station.

Aug 15, 2017 14:46

A permit from the commune will cost about €15 for the year "free" do you want ???

Aug 15, 2017 16:44