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Flytippers caught dumping tonne of waste in Sonian Forest

20:29 16/09/2019

Police arrested two men on Friday who were caught tipping a tonne of construction waste in the Sonian Forest.

A photo posted on Facebook by the Uccle-Auderghem police force shows the two individuals next to a white van with its doors open, and a pile of waste on the ground in the Unesco-protected heritage site.

"This anti-social behaviour would have saved them the €250 cost of visiting the dump, but it will now cost them much more," the police force said.

Brussels Environment can issue fines for flytipping in the region of several thousand euros. If the pair are prosecuted, the fine could be closer to €10,000.

They also risk a prison sentence, which can range from either days to two years, the police added.

Written by The Bulletin



Nature lovers, cyclists, joggers constantly leave behind proof of their presence: papers of all sorts, plastic containers, bottles, tins, soiled nappies and occasionally even empty oil drums or bags of household waste. And they never get caught. No civic sense.

Sep 17, 2019 15:34