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E411 car-pooling lane project put on hold

08:51 23/10/2019

A plan to permanently reserve one lane of the E411 motorway into Brussels for car-sharing has been put on hold, after failing to get the support of the Flemish region.

The experiment was launched last May by the former Walloon transport minister Carlo Di Antonio. The right-hand lane from Wavre to Rosières was reserved for vehicles carrying at least three people.

But the restrictions only applied to the part of motorway on Walloon territory - and stopped as soon as the E411 crossed into Flemish Brabant, where traffic starts to build up on the approach to Brussels.

The project has now been suspended, pending a report on its effectiveness by Walloon infrastructure firm Sofico, which is not due until April 2020 at the earliest.

In other E411 news, Europe's largest sculpture has been officially inaugurated on the motorway at Rochefort.

The 60-metre-tall Arc Majeur was designed by French sculptor Bernar Venet and took two months to build, at a cost of €2.5 million.

It was originally commissioned in the 1980s by former French president François Mitterrand to adorn a French motorway, but was rejected by a local politician.

Written by The Bulletin


Dirk Vanboven

2,5 mil tax payers money for a scrap metal in a middle of a motorway? What a waste. That is insane! Can’t they find a better use of this money? Give it to the people in need, sick or homeless. Really, they could not think of that instead? Now, trying to cover it up with a lane for car sharing. Who needs a 2,5 mil worth scrap metal for opening a lane like that?

Oct 26, 2019 22:45
Frank Lee

Dirk, always look at the bright side of things... For example, think of the millions that they saved by not having the "sculpture" form a complete circle.

Oct 27, 2019 11:59