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Downward trend in domestic meat consumption

11:34 25/07/2014

The average Belgian last year ate 50kg of meat, confirming the downward trend of recent years, according to the federal economy ministry. In 2005 the average consumption was 58kg, meaning there has been a fall of 13% in eight years.

For certain types of meat, the situation is much worse: While pork consumption fell by only 6% over the same period, Belgians ate 16% less chicken and 22% less beef. Pork accounts for just under half – 49% – of all meat consumption, followed by poultry at 29% and beef at 12%.

However, despite a drop in the consumption of meat, the same period saw the number of animals slaughtered increasing. The difference is accounted for by exports, which are doing well, the ministry says.

The country imported 196,000 tonnes of meat in 2013, an increase compared with 2005 of 39%. At the same time, exports rose by 30%, from 1.333 million tonnes to 1.732 million tonnes – more than enough to compensate for the decrease in consumption at home from 1.043 million tonnes in 2005 to 959,699 tonnes in 2013.


Photo: Alpha/Wikimedia


Written by Alan Hope



Meat is very expensive.
Meat has heavy quantities of salt and far too many 'hidden' additives and far too much fat.

Jul 25, 2014 15:52