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Docks Bruxsel wants to cut €100,000-a-year light pollution bill

20:08 05/03/2018

A huge bright LED display covering Docks Bruxsel shopping complex could start displaying useful public information - in return for a 75% light pollution tax cut.

The canalside shopping centre is paying the City of Brussels €100,000 a year for the privilege of displaying six-metre-high promotional messages on its facade since opening in October 2016.

Last year, the Belgian Institute for Road Safety (now known as Vias) warned motorists to be careful when driving near the shopping centre, as the bright moving displays could be distracting and cause accidents.

Docks Bruxsel management argued at the time that it was not covered by the clause of the highway code about dazzling drivers, because the display was on private land.

Now the shopping complex has asked to cut its annual tax to just €25,000. In return, for 75% of the time, the light display would show messages from the City of Brussels and other public info such as weather and road closures.

The compromise will be discussed by Brussels city council next Monday and will apply to the 2018 tax bill onwards.



Light pollution should be cut everywhere (today's modern vehicles have very bright lights) and the electricity should then be freely given back to houses and apartments.

Mar 6, 2018 09:54