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Delhaize under fire for plastic waste generated by new giveaway

19:50 05/02/2019

Delhaize came under fire at the weekend for its new giveaways and saving stamp cards, which offer pieces of Lego-like building blocks to kids to build their own Delhaize store. Consumers took the supermarket to task all over social media for the amount of plastic involved in the packaging.

Shoppers can earn stamps to fill up a card that allows them to buy pieces of the toy supermarket, such as the Starter Packet, a delivery truck and 50 building blocks. Every shopper, however, gets a free building block with purchase, and these packages are what angered those who took to social media.

A plastic wrapper contains a plastic tray that in turn contains one tiny building block. “Impressive contribution by Delhaize to the mountain of waste,” wrote one Twitter user. “Massive distribution of plastic bags containing a plastic plate with one 1 Lego cube.”

Bad timing, or what?

Other customers noted that the supermarket could not have picked a worse time to launch a campaign for plastic playthings, considering the climate marches of late. The storm of controversy was so intense that the supermarket issued an apology.

“We admit that we made an error with this action, and we apologise,” said Delhaize spokesperson Roel Dekelver this morning on Radio 1. Because the plastic packs have already been made, the supermarket sees little reason to cancel the campaign but is placing containers in their supermarkets for shoppers who want to leave the packaging of their plastic bricks behind.

“We are also contacting organisations to further explore how we can work together to decrease plastic waste in Belgium,” said Dekelver. “And we are taking measure in the next few weeks and months to reduce plastic waste in the supermarkets themselves.”

Photo: Ezra Dessers/Twitter

Written by Lisa Bradshaw



This is terrible news. All companies and supermarkets should make a greater effort and change their packaging by using sustainable materials, like different types of cardboard and paper; recycle more. Recycled packaging, and toys for pets and children can all be creatively made, used and played with, and then returned for recycling. Customers could teach supermarkets, business and companies a lesson by NOT buying the products that come with far too much plastic packaging. Don't destroy our planet, instead look after it.

Feb 6, 2019 15:24

Anonymous...if i looked into your private life..after reading the above rant...I'm SURE I would find that you are a world-class hypocrite, trying to tell others what to do while at the same time doing what you want in your private life...I think that to get upset over this small amount of packaging is could apply your hysteria to 95% of the supermarket...and my suggestion to YOU is not shop at Delhaize anymore...

Feb 11, 2019 09:53