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Crackdown on unpaid traffic fines

11:32 16/08/2013
State Secretary for Mobility Melchior Wathelet (cdH) has prepared a bill that should accelerate the collection of unpaid traffic fines.

The new law would remove a step in the procedure for unpaid fines, according to Sudpresse newspapers. This would allow the prosecutor's office to proceed to an order for immediate payment following two invitations to pay after the expiry of the term. The offender would then have one month to dispute the order at court. Should the fine remain unpaid, consequences could involve a direct deduction of the owed amount by the tax authorities, a driving ban or even a clamped wheel on the offender's vehicle.

Written by The Bulletin



How about removal of passports, confiscation of six years earnings and the first born sold in to slavery? Or how about painting speed cameras yellow with warning signs and getting a reduction in speed in black spots so there are less accidents and not so much trouble collecting fines? Silly me......

Apr 11, 2016 18:05