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Company house to replace company car?

09:50 21/03/2014

Nowhere in Europe are there as many company cars on the roads as in Belgium. There are about 786,000 company cars riding around in Belgium, or one in five. The three most popular vehicles chosen by employees with the benefit are the Renault Mégane, the BMW 3-series and the Fiat 500.

There are just too many, says Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BECI), which is launching an original idea: replace the company car with a company house. In this scenario, instead of giving an employee the benefit of a company car, the boss would pay for part of the mortgage on the employee’s house. That’s assuming, of course, that the employee lives within a certain distance from work, because the intention is to reduce traffic congestion.

Written by Robyn Boyle


The Limey

Isn't the reason for the number of company cars due to the Belgian tax system? So how about eliminating the tax advantages of the company car and lowering the tax rate in general? That seems a far better idea than yet another tax dodge that is not available to all.

Mar 22, 2014 19:14