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Campaign for proper use of on-call pharmacies

09:47 28/07/2014

The national union of pharmacists is launching a campaign to teach the public how to use on-call pharmacies correctly, after complaints that customers are not following the rules that pharmacists on standby are only to be used in exceptional circumstances. “We’re not night shops,” the union said.

The union ensures the availability of a pharmacist through its on-call service, where participating pharmacists remain on duty for 24 hours once – and sometimes twice – a week. The service is intended for those who require urgent medical supplies.

But many customers use the service to buy products such as sun cream and toothpaste, one pharmacist complained, which are not considered urgent supplies. And, according to the union, since pharmacists on duty are being called out of bed sometimes four or five times a night, fatigue might cause them to make a faulty decision in a truly urgent case.

In September, the union will launch a poster campaign explaining to the public exactly what the on-call system is for and how to use it correctly.


photo: Ingimage

Written by Alan Hope