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Café De Muze calls it quits

10:13 29/09/2014

De Muze in Antwerp, one of Belgium’s most famous bars, is closing its doors for good this month, coincidentally on its 50th anniversary. Owner Jan Van Den Braak told Knack that financial problems are the reason for the closure.

Founded in 1964 by Walter Masselis and Tone Pauwels, De Muze soon became a haven for many artists, especially jazz musicians. Many artists, from Simon Vinkenoog to John Lee Hooker, performed in De Muze. Belgian singer and guitarist Ferre Grignard recorded his first album there.

The current owner, Jan Van Den Braak, took over the café after the famous fire there in 1967.

In 1993, the café was completely refurbished but it remained a fixture within the Antwerp café scene, known for its low lighting, laid-back atmosphere and regular jazz performances.

Written by Robyn Boyle