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Daylight saving: Clocks go forward on Easter Sunday

17:15 28/03/2024

Clocks go forward one hour across Europe on 31 March in the annual daylight saving time change.

In Belgium, clocks will advance by one hour at 2.00, so that technically we lose one hour of sleep.

According to current EU law, clocks in all members states change on the same date, but the time for each change varies locally.

The practice of having different summer and winter times dates from World War One and was designed to make the most of longer summer days. Many countries abandoned it after the war, but the system persisted in Europe, Canada and the US.

In 2019, the European Parliament voted in favour of ending seasonal time changes, but there’s been no progress on implementing the decision. Disagreement continues over which time to retain; Belgium is among those countries expressing doubts about scrapping daylight saving time.

Clocks will be set back to winter time on 27 October, 2024.

Written by The Bulletin