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The Bulletin at 60: Job ad coordinator Dee Lockhart enjoyed a varied career

Dee Lockhart
18:46 14/10/2022
Dee Lockhart joined The Bulletin’s classified ad department as an ‘all-rounder’ in 1995 before moving on to ad sales for the weekly and the annual directory of AmCham Belgium and then taking charge of job advertisements.

There was never a dull moment at The Bulletin! When I was in charge of job ads, I prospected and coordinated the publication of job vacancies. As well as having the pleasure of working with the magazine’s tightly-knit advertising team, and indirectly with the editorial team, I met numerous interesting people via networking events organised by the American Chamber of Commerce. 

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Working in the jobs section was an amazing growth experience for me. After receiving initial guidelines, I was given the freedom to organise my time and work as I saw fit. I had to ensure that the allocated number of pages were filled each week, and very often – to the despair of my editorial colleagues – pinched pages from them to accommodate last-minute ad requests.

During this time, we were hit by web advertising. We offered a free online service, but clients were reluctant to spend time getting their ads online. So, to get the ball rolling and create visibility for their ads, I took the initiative to put them online for them.

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We were all involved in organising events, including the annual Welcome Fair. It was a great initiative that showed that coordinating job ads wasn’t the only skill card I had up my sleeve. It gave me the opportunity to put my interviewing skills into action, going from stand to stand asking exhibitors what they thought of the event and then quickly presenting their services in a few words during the entertainment programme. I also attended incognito as DeeDee the Clown! I literally painted smiles as well as butterflies, Spiderman, Batman, and princesses on hundreds of little faces over the years.

After 11 years at The Bulletin, Dee Lockhart (pictured above at a Bulletin Christmas party with colleage Gay Kavanagh) put her expert skills to work in various admin and HR position in Brussels. She’s currently administrative and corporate assistant for the Luxembourg office of a Norwegian private equity firm, but will soon be assisting the Luxembourg team of a family-owned financial services company.

Written by The Bulletin