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Brussels West police dogs issued with canine stab vests

A Belgian police dog on patrol with its handler (BELGA PHOTO YORICK JANSENS)
09:49 14/10/2020

In a bid to protect police dogs from assaults and attacks with deadly weapons, Brussels West police have issued 11 of their canine colleagues with specially designed stab vests.

“It is a vest that will protect our companion from any aggression: knife, blade, anything that can possibly cause physical harm to the animal during certain interventions,” explained Jose Diaz, a dog handler with the Brussels West police.

Some police interventions are as perilous for the dogs as they are for the officers who handle them. A year ago, a dog was stabbed several times in the neck and chest while intervening in a family dispute. Severely injured, however, the animal survived.

In order not to repeat this kind of tragedy, the Brussels West police area has decided to equip those dogs who are regularly called upon to intervene during checks or potentially dangerous situations.

The canine stab vest is almost identical to the bulletproof vests worn by human officers. The price of each vest is €250.

Written by Nick Amies