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Brussels Mobility prepares signage changes ahead of new 30kph limit

llustration shows a 'Zone 30' road sign in the centre of Brussels. (BELGA PHOTO VIRGINIE LEFOUR)
10:36 30/10/2020

Teams from Brussels Mobility, the capital’s transport department, will start placing some 1,350 50kph limit signs across the city from 9 November until the end of the year, indicating exceptions to the general 30kph rule that will come into force in Brussels next January.

The work will be carried out gradually commune by commune, starting from the north of the capital.

On 1 January 2021, Brussels will be transformed into a ‘City 30’. This speed limit will become the general rule on the streets of the capital, in accordance with the decision taken to this effect on 16 July.

“City 30 is taking place,” Brussels transport minister Elke Van den Brandt said. “These developments are the first concrete signs of this evolution. The region and the 19 municipalities are working together for a safer and more peaceful city for all its users.”

“We are pleased to see the first road signs appearing in Jette placed there by Brussels Mobility as a sign of the good collaboration we have with the region on this project," said Hervé Doyen, mayor of Jette.

Signs indicating that road users are entering speed restricted zones will also be placed at regional boundaries and will be unveiled on New Year's Eve. These signs will indicate that the overall speed is limited to 30kph throughout the whole Brussels-Capital Region.

From January until March, Brussels Mobility will remove 6,000 signs currently in place which mark the beginnings and end of existing 30kph zones, which will no longer be needed from 1 January.

The removed signs will be recycled, either made into new signage where possible, or into street furniture. Brussels Mobility is, for example, exploring the possibility of equipping certain public spaces in the Brussels Region with aluminium benches made from the panels.

Written by Nick Amies



Day-long traffic jams guaranteed. That won't help lower vehicle pollution levels.

Nov 2, 2020 00:25

City 30kph = absolute nonsense!
Sod the nanny state!!!

Nov 4, 2020 04:47