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Brussels looks to slow its growing pigeon population

06:10 10/03/2014

Apparently the number of pigeons in Brussels is getting out of hand. So much so that the city is looking at ways to deal with the problem, including letting loose falcons to naturally decrease their numbers. If put into action, the falcons would either deter pigeons from certain areas, or just capture and eat them.

However, some city politicians and animal experts don’t believe the system would be very efficient. Even if the pigeons flew away, once the falcons moved on the pigeons would come back. There is also concern over possible diseases carried by the pigeons, which could infect the falcons.

Despite the possible drawbacks, Brussels will move forward with the plan as a call for tenders have already been announced. A similar plan, albeit one to get rid of pigeons, ended three years ago. Since then pigeons have returned in vast numbers. 

Written by Andrew King



Yes, pigeons dirty the city and need to diminish in number. Why not look at London where you see few pigeons, it is illegal to feed them, and there isn't pigeon poop everywhere.

Mar 10, 2014 14:39