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Brussels drivers aren't heeding bike boulevard rules

17:53 01/10/2019

Local drivers are improperly using the city’s bicycle boulevards, going as far as removing blocks of concrete to be able to continue accessing local roads.

Several bicycle boulevards have been created alongside the Brussels ring road in the last few months. Cars are not allowed to overtake cyclists in these streets, which have a speed limit of 30km per hour. Cyclists, for their part, are allowed to use the entire width of the street.

According to a news report from Bruzz, drivers frequently fail to respect the rules governing these new neighbourhood bikeways. Many drivers are stationing their cars in areas where parking isn’t permitted, while others are removing the concrete blocks strategically positioned by city workers to keep cars out.

A spokesperson for Brussels Mobility, the city’s government service for mobility, said the blocks of concrete would be replaced by permanent poles later in October. “We are aware that there have been problems on the Avenue des Arts, but Filigranes, the large bookstore, needs more time to alert customers and suppliers to the new traffic situation,” a spokesperson said. “We do get that, but this will be over at the end of October.”

Written by Linda A. Thompson

Photo: Belga / Virginie Lefour



Imagine that! Brussels drivers completely ignoring the traffic rules...

Oct 2, 2019 11:27