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Brussels-Capital Region to scrap 65,000 parking spots

15:09 12/08/2019

The Brussels-Capital Region has announced it plans to scrap 65,000 streetside parking spots by 2030.

This will bring the number of available parking spots to just under 200,000, or a decrease by quarter.

The decision follows from the Good Move regional mobility plan unveiled by the regional administration earlier this year. “The Brussels-Capital Region aims to reduce public car parks and will take every possible initiative to push cars to car parks removed from street view,” the plan stated.

Brussels’ incoming government has said it wants to execute this Good Move plan, and the decision to scrap the 40,000 spots is also mentioned in its coalition agreement.

Brussels mobility minister Elke van de Brandt told vrt nws that the incoming government hopes to improve conditions for locals who get around the city on foot or by bike with the plan.

“Our aim is mostly to move the streetside parking spots, so that more space is created for pedestrians and cyclists, and so that the city can become more pleasant and liveable,” van den Brandt said.

As well as scrapping the ten-thousands of parking spots, the Brussels-Capital Region will also create 20,000 new parking spots for residents on both private and public car parks. These new spots are to come from companies, retail centres, schools and private grounds with unused parking spaces outside of business hours.

Photo: Belga / Eric Lalmand

Written by Linda A. Thompson


Frank Lee

Following the same logic, the Region could also make it "more pleasant and livable" by demanding that all houses and apartments in Brussels be certified "A" on their energy rating, or else be closed. Of course, it would force owners to remodel and significantly raise the price of rentals, but imagine, once the city has only rich inhabitants, how "pleasant and livable" it will be? The Region doesn't improve much public transportation, but wants to force all the cars out. First, give us an easy alternative, THEN you can get rid of those parking spots. Imbeciles in charge, the most dangerous kind...

Aug 12, 2019 16:10

It's about time. Brussels is choked with private cars. But removing the parking spaces will probably do little good as the selfish sods will just park on pavements and cycle lanes like they do now.

Aug 14, 2019 13:47

If the idea is to keep downtown Brussels accessible only to the locals who live there, this should do the trick.

Aug 19, 2019 09:57