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Brussels approves demolition of Herrmann-Debroux viaduct

11:37 27/07/2021

After the recent demolition of the Reyers viaduct in Schaerbeek, the Brussels region has now set its sights on doing away with the Herrmann-Debroux viaduct in Auderghem.

The Brussels government gave the green light last week at the second reading of the Master Development Plan (PAD) of the Delta-Herrmann-Debroux area, a redevelopment plan that includes the demolition of the viaduct, an intrusive elevated dual carriageway that was built in the 1970s without a single permit.

In fact the plan covers a wider area, as detailed by Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort:
"The PAD Herrmann-Debroux project site is a vast metropolitan complex with an area of 110 acres. This territory has a key role in the creation of a new face for Brussels.

"The perimeter of the PAD project extends over the municipalities of Auderghem and Watermael-Boitsfort and includes all of the E411 metropolitan road network and its three viaducts as well as the boulevards and avenues that run alongside the motorway and extend it."

Vervoort added: "The project intends to reconnect the banks of the E411 around a contemporary urban boulevard. The region plans to build new housing, green spaces and amenities, paving the way for the mobility of tomorrow."

The project was submitted to the Council of State for opinion. It will then return to the Brussels council of ministers for final approval.

Written by Richard Harris



The plans include building housing on the current football pitch and this will mean the Rouge Cloître area will also be destroyed. What the eager beaver Brussels politicians will do is remove the many green areas already there and change Watermael and Auderghem into built up communes with a few token green patches. I don't understand how a few elected officials can end up with so much power.

Jul 28, 2021 14:27

At rush hour times this will move the "car park" further up the E411. I note that the RER is still on hold mode (a goodly section parallels the E411 and could subsitute for some car traffic). It is also worth noting that post 1800hrs public transport in Bx moves from quite acceptable to laughable. The only consolation is that brainless politicos, sitting in office for decades & achieveing little is a feature of most political systems (oh & not forgetting the pot de vin - let's not forget that). On a related note, I see that Flemish communes along the Dyle flood plain are still allowing house buidling.

Aug 5, 2021 11:13