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Bomb threat shuts down Rue de la Régence

11:45 21/01/2015

Buildings in Brussels’ Rue de la Régence were evacuated yesterday after a letter containing a bomb threat was delivered to the Royal Conservatory. Security levels were high because the area is home to not only Brussels’ Justice Palace but also the Great Synagogue of Europe.

The letter was delivered at around 11.00 and contained threats against those buildings specifically. Both the synagogue and Justice Palace are already under heightened security, including the patrolling of military personnel.

The buildings were evacuated and searched; 90 minutes later, the alert was lifted as the letter appeared to be a hoax. Police have now launched an investigation to find the sender.

Security is heavy in the area again this morning as three suspects associated with the intervention against terrorist activity in Verviers last week arrive at the Justice Palace, to appear before the Grand Jury.

The federal police, meanwhile, have announced that they will not carry out drink-driving checks for hours at a time in one location as long as the terror alert stands at three. The checks are not considered safe given that the latest threats have identified the police as a target. Unannounced spot checks will continue to be carried out.


photo: Heavy security measures are being taken in and around the Justice Palace in Brussels this morning as three men arrested in connection with the terrorist intervention in Verviers last week arrive to appear before the Grand Jury

©Thierry Roge/BELGA

Written by Alan Hope