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Bogaerts International School opens second campus in the north of Brussels in September

15:05 23/06/2022
In association with Bogaerts International School (BIS)

Ahead of the grand opening of its second campus in the north of Brussels, Bogaerts International School is inviting prospective families to its next Walk-in Days from 4 to 8 July.

The open-door event is an opportunity for families to discover the multi-cultural school’s new facility in Diegem on the border with Evere, located strategically next to NATO and a large number of international companies.

They will also have a chance to meet the team at the English-language International school. “It’s an exciting development, says founder and director David-Ian Bogaerts of the school’s expansion beyond its main campus in the Uccle forest at Domaine Latour de Freins.

“The first site has reached its full potential and enrolment is full. This opening will allow us to both welcome new students and open the possibility for students to transfer to the new campus along with some of our very experienced teachers and staff.” 

Bogaerts International School north campus

From September the new facility with a capacity of 500 is open to children from age three to 16. It will runearly childhood classes, Primary and Middle School to start with and expand to offer High School from the academic year 2025-2026. 

The north campus is led by Raphael Angel, a highly experienced educator who also has an extensive understanding of the Concept Based programme.

Enrolments at the second campus are exceeding expectations, confirms Bogaerts, who points out that the same academic atmosphere and supportive community that makes BIS special will be present at the north site.

He describes the key attributes of the school as its small class sizes, competitive prices and unique pedagogy, “a mixture of European rigour and American-style fulfilment”. Dance, music and the arts also play an important role within the curriculum. While classes are held in English, befitting an international education, there’s also a strong emphasis French land Spanish.

The school boasts a learning community representing over 47 countries. “We offer a solid foundation of general learning tailored to the needs of individual students. Much of this is accessed through an emphasis on inquiry and collaboration throughout our programmes.”

The director is proud of the new campus, the finalisation of a project that has been years in preparation. The 1980s former office complex offers an architecturally interesting contrast to the rural grandeur of the school’s first site, which is surrounded by eight hectares of parkland.

Bogaerts International School north campus

“Everybody agrees that the new school is looking great. It presented an open canvas where we could do what we wanted. After meetings with architects, we made the most of the natural light and open space,” says Bogaerts.

It’s also a bold move as the majority of international schools are clustered in the centre or leafy suburbs. “I strongly believe that we can open a large new school where people work rather than where they live.”

Head of admissions and communications Gloria Harrison insists that BIS is one school with two campuses: “There will be the same coordinators, curriculum, uniforms and we’ll also share the personal development of staff, to collaborate and develop the curriculum. We’ll also join together for events like the gala and we’ll extend our house system. We currently have five and there will be two more at the north campus.”

In addition to its fees and geographical locations south and north of Brussels, how does the school stand out in the competitive market of international schools in the EU capital? Says Bogaerts: “Let’s face it, there’s really something like a family about us. We’re medium-sized, not too small, yet you know all the students and that’s a good thing.”

He also believes in teamwork. “It’s important that staff, students and parents are happy to create an environment for learning.”

For Harrison, the key to the success of Bogaerts is its class size, which is between 16 and 20 students. “The kids get a lot of attention, groups are divided depending on the different levels and families really like that.”

Bogaerts International School - North Campus - Walk-in Days
4 to 8 July, 09.00-16.30
Or by appointment:



Written by The Bulletin in association with Bogaerts International School