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Belgian tax authorities to check Airbnb hosts

12:55 15/06/2015

The Belgian tax authorities have turned their attention to the thousands of Belgians offering housing via the online holiday rental platform Airbnb. The authorities aim to ensure that the hosts are reporting the income and paying taxes on it, reports De Morgen.

Airbnb is an American internet platform for renting and renting out private rooms, studios, houses and apartments. Airbnb has known great success in Belgium, especially in cities like Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels where many hosts rent out rooms from as little as €30 to more than €100 per night.

In many cases, the hosts do not report the income they get from renting out their property, although it is required by law. The Belgian Internet Service Center has therefore begun scouring Airbnb and similar sites to aid the Special Tax Inspectorate in launching an investigation.

Written by Robyn Boyle