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Beggar in front of bank


I expect to be flamed for this, so go ahead

There is a beggar who always stands by the door of my bank. He opens the door for anybody who comes and leaves and obviously expect some money in return for this. This might not sound very humanitarian, but it really bothers me. I can open the door by myself perfectly and I find it to be a kind of black mail. I don't give him any money, but his constant presence bothers me. I find it like a kind of black mailing and his presence everytime I need to take out some cash makes me feel uneasy.

My question is, why does the bank not intervene? Surely they must know that it bothers their customers that a beggar constantly bothers their customers.


Is the beggar breaking the law by holding the door open? They probably can't do anything, even if they wanted. Why don't you just ask them?

Jan 31, 2018 19:28

Perhaps you should ask your bank...

Jan 31, 2018 19:29
Mark L-W

Begging appears to be permitted and accepted here, I have had exactly the situation you describe.
I simply ignore them. I
f someone looks really in need, give them food, I find it odd that so many look to be well fed; it can be a well earning pursuit.

Jan 31, 2018 19:41

CM is correct - the pavement / trottoir is public space, not owned by the bank.
They can't do anything, just received this answer from my bank ...and I was apparently not the only one complaining.
the bank intervenes immediately, when the beggar is entering the branch.

Feb 1, 2018 09:40

Regular occurrence in Brussels which I have yet to see elsewhere. I also ignore them - but still feel pressure that money is expected for opening a door that I am perfectly capable of opening myself, sometimes even getting in the way of me opening the door quicker. But to say it's only outside the bank is wrong - it is a problem here - for example beggars or drunks are regularly inside the ING, BNP self banks at Merode, Montgomery, Flagey etc. Merode has a guy who is often so drunk he drops off in the doorway and needs to be stepped around or over. Montgomery - the regular guy actually goes to the trouble of putting a doorstop under the door to discourage people entering at all - completely unacceptable. Flagey seems to have a regular group of 3 guys or so who open the door and hang around inside in general, sitting next to the machines etc. The bank does nothing. I find the presence of anyone that shouldn't be there disconcerting from a security point of view, especially at night - basically I don't want random guys behind me and then between me and the exit when withdrawing cash etc.

Feb 1, 2018 13:11

See also: the guys around Toison D'Or on the look out for parking spaces and then "help" you drive into them. Then of course they stand outside your car door with a paper cup expecting change.

I saw the parking space mate. And I am perfectly capable of driving into the space. But on account of you looking like you're about to scratch my car if I don't give you money, I reluctantly comply.

Feb 1, 2018 14:27

Fair enough, but only Brussels? Come on...

Feb 1, 2018 16:01

I too find this annoying, as is the practice of e.g. fare dodgers in tram / bus etc. It looks like here either the relevant authorities are not aware, or turn a blind eye, or have no power to do anything ?

Feb 1, 2018 16:02

Just don't give him any money. I say thank you when they hold the door for me and leave it at that. There's no reason to feel pressure and no reason to bother the bank. And no reason to be upset/annoyed/bothered by this. Blackmail? You must be kidding.

Feb 1, 2018 16:40

Change banks.

Feb 1, 2018 18:21