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860 drivers give up their cars in Bruxell'Air bonus scheme

11:16 09/07/2019

A bonus scheme in Brussels that encourages drivers to give up their car in return for free public transport attracted 860 new applicants last year.

The Bruxell'Air bonus is available to any resident in the Brussels region who takes their personal car off the road and de-registers it with the vehicle licensing authority.

In return, applicants receive a year's membership of the Cambio car-sharing scheme and either a 12-month Stib public transport pass or €505 towards the purchase of a bicycle. If the car is sent to the scrapyard, the bonus is extended to two years instead of one.

The 860 people who opted for the bonus last year is an increase on 631 in 2017. The scheme has been running since 2006 and in its first year attracted 1,760 applicants.

Full details of the Bruxell'Air eligibility criteria can be found here in French, and here in Dutch.

Written by The Bulletin