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6 best ice creams in Brussels

20:05 05/06/2015

The sun has arrived! Tomorrow is forecast to be 32 degrees and we’re looking at a beautiful weekend, which means it's time to review where to find the best scoops in the city. Here are The Bulletin’s picks..

1. Le Petit Nuage

The top spot goes to the humble Le Petit Nuage both for the deliciousness of its product and for its Earth-friendly attitude. Just follow the aroma of freshly made waffle cone made right on the spot to this tricycle cart, which you’ll find most days in Parc Leopold. They serve up delicious artisanal ice creams made from organic products and also make a mean waffle stick.

Parc Léopold, Etterbeek

2. Comus & Gasterea

Many will say that Comus & Gasterea is the best ice cream in Brussels. It lands at number two mainly for the occasionally surly man working behind the counter, who doesn’t like too many questions about his wide display of flavours. But it’s true, their salted caramel flavour takes ice cream in Brussels to a new level. This little store front near Saint Catherine is also known for its less traditional flavours, such as rosemary, ginger and jasmine and lemongrass. To some they may sound strange, but C&G has a talent for making it work.

86 Quai aux Briques, Brussels

3. Glacier Zizi

The queue can be long for Glacier Zizi on a warm summer day, but it’s worth the wait. For 67 years, this Uccle mom and pop ice cream parlour has been the go-to place for something sweet in Uccle. Today, it’s an institution and offers a wide range of home-made ice creams and sorbets – try the strawberry or the lemon sorbet!

57A Rue de la Mutualité, Uccle

4. Le Framboisier Doreé

Like Zizi, many Bruxellois have fond childhood memories of Le Framboisier Doreé which has stood on Rue du Bailli for over 20 years. It’s a neighbourhood place to stop in while shopping, to enjoy its classics like chocolate and pistachio or its more exotic flavours such as orange blossom and lavender. They are also known for their kriek-based sorbets, which are worth a try. Be warned though, if you’re hitting it on a sunny weekend, expect long queues.

35 Rue du Bailli, Ixelles

5. Capoue

While it has been around since the 1990s, it’s really only in the last years that it seems Capoue is everywhere. With shops throughout Brussels, including Flagey, Sainte Catherine and Boniface, along with a stand in the Bois de la Cambre, this Belgian chain is a reliable vendor of well-made, artisanal ice cream.

Various locations

6. Pierre Marcolini and Frederic Blondeel

Tied for sixth place are two chocolate makers, Pierre Marcolini and Frederic Blondeel. Marcolini operates a small stand outside its chocolate shop on the Sablon. Frederic Blondeel scoops it out of its store front down the street from Comus & Gasterea on the Quai aux Briques. Both make rich, smooth ice creams that are so thick, the little plastic spoons they come with might not be up to the task. Which flavour to try? Obvioiusly, the chocolate is the best.

Pierre Marcolini, 1 Minimenstraat, Brussels
Frederic Blondeel, 24 Quai aux Briques, Brussels

Photo courtesy Le Petit Nuage/Facebook

Written by Katy Faye Desmond


Ioana Dinochon

Guys, you have forgotten Il Gelato, and that's a must! :)

Jun 5, 2015 12:08

For the love of God, WHERE can I get MINT ice cream?!

Jun 11, 2015 20:54