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Brussels falls in expat quality of life survey

08:55 14/12/2023

The Belgian capital has fallen in the rankings of expat quality of life, according to a study by US consulting firm Mercer.

The study places Brussels at number 36 in the rankings, whereas the capital ranked 28th four years ago.

According to Mercer, expats in Brussels find a high standard of medical and hospital services, along with excellent availability and quality of consumer goods.

“But traffic jams are a major downside, as is the lesser internal stability compared to reference city New York City,” the study said.

The Austrian capital Vienna took first place in terms of highest quality of life for expats and their families. Zurich, Auckland, Copenhagen and Geneva are the other cities in the top five.

“The Mercer report shows that countries with high quality of life offer excellent healthcare, education, infrastructure and social services,” said Yvonne Traber, partner and global mobility leader at Mercer.

“At a time of geopolitical turmoil, natural disasters and economic volatility, workers are rethinking their priorities and quality of life. This has significant implications for cities in their competition for talent.”

The study defines an expat as a person living temporarily in a foreign country, usually for work and for a set period of time, after which they return to their home country.

Written by Helen Lyons