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zinc / metal rain pipe


I'm looking for a piece of rain pipe (the evacuation pipe from the roof gutter) in zinc or any other metal, but not in PVC. It can be old, rusty, have holes, ... It's for an art project. If you have something lying around that you were planning to throw out, I would like it! Also looking for big pieces of scrap wood. Again, may be damaged, cracked wood. I can pick up in the triangle Antwerp - Brussels - Aarschot. Thanks! email woodsnake at fastmail dot fm


Why not visit your local container park and ask nicely? I obtained a couple of things that way!

Feb 22, 2013 12:42

Not sure if you are still in search of your rain pipe.
but try putting an add under the "wanted" section of maybe someone in the area may have something for you .

good luck with the project

May 7, 2013 14:35