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Will be traveling tomorrow--international flight to US. Anyone have current info on how bad it is at the airport? I have been told to be there 3 hours in advance. Is that sufficient? Have heard all sorts of horror stories so want to plan ahead. Will take train as I have also heard that by car is a total nightmare and there is a long walk from the closest point you can get to by car. Should be fun! Thx.


I flew out yesterday afternoon before they had opened the main terminal again and it took just over 1 hour to get to the check in area. This should be reduced when they open the main terminal for certain airline check in but I think 3 hours from train or car park to getting on the plane is a reasonable estimate. 1-2 hours for access and check in and then 1 hour for final security and getting to the plane.

May 2, 2016 16:47

Perhaps tells the same story as the previous post.

May 2, 2016 18:42

The more you read about the massacres at the airport and Maelbeek metro - the bigger the elephant in the room grows - Did the massacre of the victims happen so, with such ease, because of the Authorities of Belgium bumbling around like Mole. They had so many advantages - post the French capital attacks, post the Thalys averted attack, a report by European Commission Direct to the the Belgian government about massive faults at Zaventem airport security - right across the board of various components operating there - when you include that with things like Mechelen police witholding info about a terrorist bloke in contact with the Salem bloke - who, btw was living in Mollenbeek in Plain Sight??? However - the carry on by the authorities on the morning of the attack was unbelievable - Airport 7.58 massacre , Maelbeek 9.11, - the transport system was not shut down until 9.45. Do the math - Are the government simpletons or what? Bet the jihadis regret not having sent out loads of young fellas to all the tram lines with their vests etc. So sad for the relatives of the victims !

May 3, 2016 10:26