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Xmas Ham


Can anyone recommend a butcher to order a xmas ham (ready to cook)? I ask because one year, I somehow bodged the order and ended up with a hunk of raw pork on xmas eve...

Preferably B-1000 or nearby.


Stonemanor in Rhode St Genese or Everberg has them.

Dec 6, 2017 17:29

Try Wesleys on the corner of rue du Noyer and rue Wappers, Schaerbeek/ border of Etterbeek - one of the proprietors is English so knows about things like Xmas ham. Newly opened, very high quality meat.

Dec 6, 2017 19:48

Oooh that's just up the road. Many thanks!

Dec 6, 2017 21:54

The ham from Stonemanor is usually tasteless pink factory-farmed stuff in a plastic bag, so I'm keen to try this one out, thanks!

Dec 8, 2017 23:17