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Working In the Netherlands and Paying Taxes in Belgium


I have been living in Belgium and I got a proposal for a job in the Netherlands, but I am not eligible for the 30% ruling.
Is there any cross-border regulation from which I could gain in taxation in Belgium instead of the Netherlands when I will not be eligible for the 30% ruling but I will be an expat ?


I've done the same thing in the past, i.e. working in holland but living in belgium. I found the most advantageous way was to use this campany: They take care of everything and pay a net each month. There are probably ways to get you a bigger net, but there's a lot of admin involved, and you get maybe 100 euros extra. Its well worth the small price you pay. In fact I use Tresag for most European contracts...Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland...

Dec 1, 2016 09:33